Fire Burning In My Veins


Fire (Burning In My Veins), a remarkable, romantic, yet optimistic record that is flooded with personal revelations reserved exclusively for those who patiently digest every second of it. It begins with Evita Brantner’s strong but warm voice that lays a very intimate and personal atmosphere for the audience to lean into: “I remember the first time your eyes met mine/ I was caught by your smile which almost blinded my sight” And right after the first lines, we get introduced to Marco Brantner’s voice, who Surprise, Surprise!… is Evita’s husband! “You got me hooked in that moment that lifted my soul” the two sing in unison mirroring each other’s feelings ❤ if this doesn’t make you believe in true love, you need to check your heart. A beautiful buildup leads us to the catchy hook which, btw, picks up in enthusiasm and positive vibes musically: “Fire, Fire felt it burning in my veins/ Like a stream of heat that increased the flames/ Of this frozen heart/ Ice, Ice has been melted by this sun/ That rose up from behind the stones/ That were shading my way” I find it curious how this happy chorus carries a tinge of the past heartbreak, of the “ice” one piles up inside before meeting the right person.

By Mariana Berdianu