Original Rock: Interview with Non Talkers

So how has your latest album gone so far with fans then? 

So far, our latest album has been received incredibly well by our fans. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support we’ve received. It’s been truly heartwarming to see how our music resonates with our audience, and we’re grateful for their continued support. 

Tell us something about the release no one knows? 

An intriguing detail about the release that’s not widely known is that some of the songs featured on the album were actually written over eight years ago. Despite their age, these tracks have been carefully crafted and refined over time, resulting in a rich and mature sound that resonates with listeners. 

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why? 

If we had the chance to collaborate with any band on a new song, it would undoubtedly be Fleet Foxes. Their unique blend of folk, indie rock, and baroque pop resonates deeply with us, and we admire their intricate songwriting and lush harmonies. Working with Fleet Foxes would be an incredible opportunity to explore new musical territories and create something truly special that combines our distinctive styles. 

Our latest release has been well-received not only by our fans but also by the media and critics alike. Overall, the response to our latest release has been incredibly positive, and we’re thrilled to see our music making an impact. 

Can you tell us about the meaning behind the track? 

“You Are My Home” holds a special place in my heart as it pays homage to the unwavering support and love of my mother. Through heartfelt lyrics and emotive melodies, I express deep gratitude for her guidance and belief in me, even in the face of adversity. Growing up, her strength and encouragement allowed me to pursue my dreams and navigate life’s challenges with confidence. This song is a tribute to her enduring love, which forms the foundation of my sense of home and belonging. With each note and lyric, I celebrate the profound bond between mother and child, honoring her influence on my journey.

What tours do you have coming up, and what can you tell us about them? 

We’re currently in the process of planning our upcoming tours, and we’re thrilled about the prospects ahead. While we can’t disclose specific details just yet, we’re dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences to our fans. Our tours will feature a blend of our latest releases and fan favorites, promising diverse and engaging performances. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding tour dates and venues – we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with our audience in person and share our music live! 

What venue are you most looking forward to playing the most, and why? 

As performers, we relish the opportunity to showcase our music in a variety of venues and settings, from intimate acoustic sets to larger-than-life stages. Each venue offers its own unique energy and vibe, and we enjoy adapting our performance to suit the atmosphere of the space. Whether it’s a cozy café, a bustling music club, or a grand concert hall, we approach each show with the same enthusiasm and passion, ready to connect with our audience and share our music in a meaningful way. 

What else can we expect from you in 2024? 

In 2024, you can expect us to continue promoting our latest album and sharing its songs with audiences everywhere. Additionally, we’re excited to share that we’re in the process of writing new material. Some of these new songs may even make their debut in our live performances before we officially record them, giving our fans an exclusive sneak peek and allowing us to gauge their reactions firsthand. We’re looking forward to embarking on this creative journey and sharing it with all of you!

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