Rokkers Press: Interview with Non Talkers

1) What made you want to become a musician?
Marco: My desire to become a musician was fueled not only by my passion for music and its emotional depth but also by a pivotal experience I had in Barcelona. Witnessing a busking musician there, a one-man show captivating an audience without being widely known, had a profound impact on me. It made me realize the power of music to communicate deeply with an audience. I thought to myself, “I want to be able to do that too.” This experience, combined with my love for music as a form of deeper emotional communication, solidified my path as a musician.

2) How would you describe the music that you typically create?
The music we typically create is a heartfelt blend of pop and folk, infused with indie elements. Our songs are characterized by their emotional depth, lyrical storytelling, and melodic harmonies. We strive to create music that’s not only pleasing to the ear but also resonates on a deeper, more personal level. Our style is about bridging the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, creating a sound that’s both timeless and reflective of our own experiences and emotions.

3) Did your style evolved since the beginning of your carrer? Or did you always followed that stream?
Our style has indeed evolved since the beginning of our career. Initially, we were exploring and experimenting with various musical directions. It wasn’t until we met our producer, Hugo Danin, that we really honed in on our unique sound—a blend of pop and folk with indie influences. This evolution has been a journey of discovering our musical identity and refining our approach to songwriting and production. So, while we’ve always been inclined towards a certain stream of music, the way we express it has developed and matured over time.

4) Do you create music for yourself or for fans’ taste? Nowadays it is always hard to satisfy listeners.
While we’re aware of our fans’ tastes and preferences, we believe that genuine and heartfelt music resonates the most. It’s about striking a balance between our creative expression and what our audience enjoys. In today’s world, where listeners’ preferences are diverse and constantly evolving, we find that authenticity in music creation is key to connecting with our audience.

5) Does your outfit have anything to do with the music you listen to or play?
Our outfit choices do somewhat reflect the music we listen to and play, but we’re not overly strict about it. We enjoy a certain freedom in our attire, occasionally wearing something that might not directly represent our music style. We believe in expressing ourselves both through our music and our fashion, but we also enjoy the flexibility to mix things up once in a while.

6) What is the biggest problem you have encontoured in the journey of music?
The biggest challenge we’ve encountered in our musical journey has been navigating the balance between artistic integrity and the practical aspects of the music industry. As independent artists, managing the business side of things while staying true to our creative vision can be quite demanding. There’s always the pressure to conform to industry standards or trends, but we strive to maintain our unique voice and style. This includes everything from production decisions to marketing strategies while ensuring our music remains authentic and true to who we are as artists.

7) Who’s your ideal artist to collaborate with and why?
Our ideal collaboration would be with the band Kodaline. Their heartfelt, anthemic sound and deeply reflective songwriting are in perfect harmony with our own musical approach. Collaborating with them would offer an exciting opportunity to blend our lyrical narratives and emotive melodies, potentially leading to a creation that resonates deeply with fans of both bands. Kodaline’s style, much like ours, navigates the realms of emotion and storytelling, making them a perfect match for a collaborative musical venture.

8) If you were a CD/album, what would you be and why?
If I were to describe myself as a CD/album, I might liken myself to something like Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours.” This album is iconic not just for its harmonious blend of musical styles but also for the depth and authenticity of its storytelling. The songs on “Rumours” are imbued with genuine emotion, reflecting the real-life tensions and relationships within the band. This mirrors how we approach our music, crafting songs that are deeply personal and reflective of our experiences, blending various influences to create something that resonates both personally and universally.

9) What artist would you recommend to a person who is undecided about what listening to?
For someone undecided about what to listen to, I’d recommend trying out Jack Savoretti. His music offers a beautiful blend of folk, pop, and soul elements, making it accessible yet deeply emotive. Savoretti’s songs are known for their heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, appealing to a wide range of musical tastes. Whether you’re looking for something uplifting or introspective, his diverse discography is likely to have something that resonates.

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